“Tarstopper” is a an established brand of  excellent Disposable Cigarette Filters which has been in the US market for nearly a decade.  These filters effectively and substantially reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful substances associated with cigarette smoking.  They come in a pack of 35 filters (30 + 5 bonus tips).  There 24 packs in a display and 18 displays in a case.  Made in Turkey.

Contact sales@fujimausa.com for more info.


Diplite® After Dark Incense

Diplite® After Dark comprising of Incense, Dhoop Cones, Oil Diffuser, Oils and Incense Burners. There are 6 exquisite fragrances of 12 packs each.

1 – Dragon’s Blood
2 – Go Away Evil
3 – Run Away Vampire
4 – Walking Dead Anti
5 – Werewolf Poison
6 – Zombie Repellent

These are made in India and are attractively packed in gothic graphics.  Simply put, there is no such product in the market and this is sure to be a hot seller.AD1.jpg

Diplite® Odor Neutralizer

Diplite® odor neutralizer in 3 fragrances…

1 – Original Anti Tobacco (Item# 77701)
2 – Fresh Linen (Item# 77702)
3 – Citrus Splash (Item# 77703)


These odor neutralizers are made in UK and are taking the US market by storm.  Although these fragrances can be used for general purpose, they are, more particularly, geared towards the smoking industry. Each fragrance comes in a display of 12 cans and are very competitively priced.  Retailers are very excited about this product.

They can you found at http://www.FujimaUSA.com